Dosa / Idly Batter – 500 ml
Onion (chopped) – 2 Nos.
Carrot (grated) – ½ No.
Capsicum (chopped) – ½ No.
Cheese slices – 4 Nos.
Black Pepper Powder for sprinkling
Oil – 10 teaspoons


1) Heat a Pan (flat pan).
2) Pour one spoon of Dosa Batter on the Pan spread it evenly in a round shape.
3) Place Onion, Carrot and Capsicum according to your taste.
4) Put 2 teaspoons of Oil on the edges of the Dosa.
5) Place the Cheese on the middle of the Dosa and sprinkle Black Pepper Powder.
6) Close the lid and keep it on a medium flame.
7) After Dosa turns golden brown, open the lid, fold the Dosa and transfer it to a plate.
8) Vegetable Cheese Dosa is ready to serve.