Semolina – 1 Cup
Sugar – 2 Cups
Ghee – 8 teaspoons
Cashew Nuts (chopped) – 10 Nos.
Almonds (peeled & sliced) – 10 Nos.
Clove – 3 Nos.
Cardamom – 3 Nos.
Cinnamon – 2 Nos.
Condensed Milk – 6 teaspoons
Rose Essence – 1 teaspoon
Saffron – 1 pinch



1) Heat a pan and dry roast the Semolina in medium flame for 5 minutes.
2) After 5 minutes switch off the flame.
3) Heat a vessel, add 4 teaspoons of Ghee, once the Ghee is heated, add Cashew Nuts and fry for 2 minutes in a low flame.
4) After 2 minutes remove the Cashew Nuts in a plate.
5) In the same pan add 4 teaspoons of Ghee, once the Ghee is heated add Cinnamon, Clove and Cardamom and sauté it for a minute.
6) Add 400 ml of Water and Saffron, mix it well and close the lid.
7) When the Water boils reduce the flame and add the roasted Semolina slowly and mix it well.
8) Close the lid and leave it in a low flame for 2 minutes.
9) After 2 minutes switch off the flame.
10) Add the Sugar and mix it well.
11) Switch on the flame and keep the vessel on the stove in a low flame and leave it for 5 minutes.
12) After 5 minutes add Condensed Milk and mix.
13) Add Rose Essence and mix well.
14) Switch off the flame.
15) Add fried Cashew Nuts and mix well.
16) Transfer the Thulli into a plate or bowl.
17) Garnish it with sliced Almonds.
18) Thulli is ready to serve.