1) In a vessel add 500 ml of water, Mutton pieces (small), Garlic Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Green Chilli, Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Leaves, Salt and mix it well.
2) Allow it to cook for 20 minutes in a medium flame.
3) After 20 minutes add Bengal Gram and Coriander Leaves and mix it well.
4) Allow it to cook for 20 minutes or till the Bengal Gram is cooked in a low flame.
5) After the Bengal Gram is cooked add Egg and mix it well.
6) Leave it in a low flame for 5 minutes and stir well.
7) After 5 minutes switch off the stove and allow it to cool.
8) In a mixie jar (use small jar) grind softly.
9) Add two teaspoons of Oil and mix it well and knead like a dough.
10) Make small balls and flatten and make into required shape.
11) In a pan add Oil, when the Oil is heated fry till golden brown.
12)  Flip and fry on the other side till it becomes golden brown.
13) Transfer it into a plate.14) Shami Kabab is ready to serve.


Mutton – 500 grams
Bengal Gram – 200 grams
Garlic Cloves – 10 Nos.
Green Chilli – 2 Nos.
Egg – 2 Nos.
Cinnamon – 3 Nos.
Cardamom – 4 Nos.
Coriander Leaves – Few
Chilli Powder – 2 teaspoons
Turmeric Powder – ½ teaspoon
Salt as per taste
Oil for frying