Yellow Lentils – 200 grams
Jaggery – 200 grams
Coconut Milk – 200 ml
Scrapped Coconut – ½ cup
Cashew Nuts (chopped) – 15 Nos.
Raisins – 15 Nos.
Cardamom Powder – ½ teaspoon

Ghee – 2 tablespoons


1) In a pressure add Moong Dal and roast for 2 minutes in low flame.
2) Add 2 cups of Water, close the lid and leave for 3 whistles in medium flame.
3) After the pressure is released open the lid and mash the Moong Dal with a spoon,
4) In a pan add Jaggery with 1 cup of Water and mix well till the Jaggery is completely melted.
5) Filter the Jaggery Syrup.
6) Add the Jaggery Syrup in Moong Dal, mix well and cook for 2 minutes in medium flame.
7) Add Cardamom Powder and mix well.
8) Switch off the flame and add Coconut Milk and mix well.
9) In a pan add Ghee.
10) Once the Ghee is melted add Cashew Nuts and fry.
11) Add Raisins and fry till it turns golden brown.
12)  Add Scrapped Coconut and fry for few seconds and switch off the flame.
13) Add to the Moong Dal and mix well.
14) Moong Dal Payasam is ready to serve.