Mango Pulp – 1 Mango (medium size)
Milk – ½ Ltr.
Condensed Milk (sweetened) – 100 ml
Milk Cream – 100 ml

Sugar – 6 teaspoons



1) in a vessel add Milk and boil till it reduces to ¾ from its original quantity.
2) Stir the Milk often.
3) Meanwhile in a mixie jar add Mango Pulp and Cream and grind for 1-2 minutes till it becomes a smooth paste.
4) After the Milk is boiled add Sugar and cook for 5 minutes.
5) After 5 minutes add Condensed Milk and cook for 5 minutes.
6) After 5 minutes switch off the flame and add grinded Mango paste and mix well.
7) Allow it to cool.
8) After it becomes cool, transfer it into a jar or glass with mouth.
9) Transfer it into kulfi moulds or glass and refrigerate for 6 to 8 hours.
10) After 8 hours remove it from refrigerator and remove the Kulfis from the mould slowly.

11) Mango kulfi is ready to serve (to be served chilled).