1) In a vessel add 200ml of Water and Sugar and mix well.
2) After the Sugar dissolves add Mango Pulp and mix well for 5 minutes in medium flame.
3) Add grated Coconut and mix well for 10 minutes in low flame (stir often).
4) Add Cardamom Powder and mix well.
5) Add Ghee little by little and mix well for 5 minutes in low flame (stir often).
6) Stir till it becomes thick.
7) In a mixie jar add Almonds and Pistachios and grind it coarsely.
8) In a square or rectangular container spread the grinded nuts evenly.
9) Spread the Barfi mixture evenly.
10) Spread grinded nuts evenly on the top.
11) Once it is half cooled cut into square pieces.
12) Once it is completely cooled, cut it properly and make pieces.
13) Transfer it into a serving plate.
14) Mango Barfi is ready to serve.



Mangoes – (medium) 2 Nos. or 350 grams
Grated Coconut – 200 grams
Sugar – 100 grams
Condensed Milk – 3 tablespoons
Ghee – 4 teaspoons
Cardamom Powder – 1 teaspoon
Almonds – 10 Nos.
Pistachios – 20 Nos.