Bitter Gourd – 1 No.
Milk – 1 ltr.
Scrapped Coconut – 30 grams
Sugar – 150 grams
Condensed Milk – 50 ml
10 Almonds, 10 Pistachios, 5 Wall Nuts

     (coarsely grinded)
Clarified Butter – 50 ml
Salt – 1 teaspoon




1) Boil the Milk and cook it till it becomes ¾ of its actual volume (stir it often).
2) Cut the Bitter Gourd and remove the seeds and scratch the inner skin.
3) Apply one teaspoon of Salt and leave it for half an hour.
4) After half an hour wash the Bitter Gourd with Water.
5) Drain Bitter Gourd using kitchen towel.
6) Grate the Bitter Gourd, squeeze and remove the excess Water.
7) Heat Ghee in a pan, once the Ghee is heated add Bitter Gourd and fry it in a low flame for 15 to 20 minutes.
8) After the Milk is reduced into ¾ of its actual volume add the fried Bitter Gourd in the Milk and mix it well.
9) Add Scrapped Coconut and coarsely grinded Nuts and mix well in a low flame for 25 to 30 minutes (stir it for every 5 minutes).
10) After 25 minutes add Condensed Milk and cook for 5 minutes.
11) After 5 minutes switch off the flame and transfer it into a bowl.
12) Karele Ki Kheer is ready to serve.