Gulab Jamun Mix Powder – 600 grams
Sugar – 600 grams
Milk – 100 ml
Cardamom – 5 Nos.
Saffron – 2 pinches
Pistachio (chopped) (for decorating) – 10 Nos.
Oil for frying



1) In a Pan add 600 ml of Water, Sugar, Cardamom and Saffron and boil it (keep on staring occasionally).
2) Once it boils simmer it for 5 minutes after that switch off the flame (Sugar Syrup is ready).
3) Meanwhile, in a bowl put Gulab Jamun Mix Powder and break the lumps, if any.
4) Add Milk little by little and knead the Dough.
5) After the Dough is made, make small balls of equal size (around 35 to 40).
6) Heat Oil in a Pan and fry the balls in a medium flame till it is golden brown.
7) After it becomes golden brown transfer it in the Sugar Syrup (Note: both Gulab Jamun and Sugar Syrup should be hot as it will enable Gulab Jamuns to become big in size).
8) Soak Gulab Jamun in the Sugar Syrup for 30 to 60 minutes.
9) Transfer the Gulab Jamun into a bowl and garnish it with Pistachios.