All Purpose Flour – 250 grams
Milk – 70 ml
Egg – 1 No.
Sugar – 2 teaspoons
Yeast – 1 teaspoon
Butter – 2 teaspoons
Salt – 1 teaspoon
Assorted Nuts (coarsely grinded) – Few
Powdered Sugar – 750 grams
Chocolate Syrup – 20 ml
Oil for frying


1) In a large bowl add Sugar, Yeast, 50ml of Water, Milk and mix well.
2) Add Egg, Salt and mix well.
3) Add Flour and knead the Dough for 5 minutes.
4) Add Butter and knead the Dough for 5 minutes.
5) Duck the Dough, close it with a towel and allow it to rest for half an hour.
6) After half and hour, punch the Dough and again knead and Duck the Dough and close it with a towel and allow it

     to rest for another half an hour.
7) After half an hour dust the floor with dry Flour and without punching the Dough roll it and cut round shapes for

     Donuts using a Donut cutter or any round shaped utensils in your home.
8) Dust a plate with dry Flour again and place the Donuts and leave it for 10 minutes.
9) Heat Oil I a pan or kadai, once it is heated fry the Donuts in a low flame till it becomes brown on both the sides.
10) After it turns brown on both the sides transfer it into a plate.
11) When the Donuts are warm coat with powdered Sugar or Chocolate Syrup or Chocolate Syrup topped with

      Assorted Nuts.

12) Donuts are ready to serve.