1) in a bowl add Vanaspati with quarter cup of Water and mix well.
2) Add Chickpea Flour, Rice Flour and mix well.
3) Add Onion, Ginger, Green Chillies, Curry Leaves and mix well.
4) Add Cashew Nuts and mix well.
5) Add Salt and mix well.
6) Heat Oil in a pan.
7) Once the Oil is heated take a spoonful of Flour and put in the Oil.
8) Keep the flame in medium and fry till it turns golden brown on all the sides.
9) Transfer it into a plate.
10) Cashew Nut Pakoda is ready to serve.


Cashew nuts – 100 grams
Chickpea Flour – 100 grams
Rice Flour – 50 grams
Onion (chopped) – 2 Nos.
Ginger (chopped) – 1 inch piece
Green Chillies (chopped) – 2 Nos.
Curry Leaves (chopped) – 10 Nos.
Vanaspathi – 50 grams
Oil for frying

Salt – 2 teaspoon or as per taste.