1) in a bowl add Condensed Milk, Oil, Butter Milk, Vanilla Essence, Vinegar and mix well.
2) In a sieve add Wheat Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Cinnamon Powder, Salt and sieve well.
3) Mix it to the Condensed Milk and mix in cut and fold method.
4) Add grated Carrot and mix in cut and fold method.
5) Add Almonds, Walnuts and Raisins and mix.
6) In a pressure cooker add Salt to the bottom of the pan.
7) Close the lid and without whistle preheat the oven for 10 minutes in low flame.
8) Take a round or rectangle steel container and grease it with Oil.
9) Add Cake mixture.
10) Open the lid of the cooker and place a stand and keep the steel container.
11) Close the lid and without whistle pre-heat the oven for 40 minutes in low flame.
12) Remove the container and allow it to cool completely.
13) Use a butter knife and remove the Cake gently.
14) Transfer it into a serving plate.
15) Carrot Cake is ready to serve.


Wheat Flour – 1 cup (130 grams)
Carrot (grated) – 1 cup (90 grams)
Condensed Milk – 200 grams
Butter Milk – ¼ cup
Oil – 20 ml
Vanilla Essence – 1 teaspoon
Vinegar – 1 teaspoon
Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon
Baking Soda – ½ teaspoon
Cinnamon Powder – ½ teaspoon
Almonds (sliced) – 10 Nos.
Walnuts (chopped) – 5 Nos. (optional)
Raisins – 20 Nos.

Salt – ½ teaspoon