1) Heat a vessel and add Dalda (Vanaspati) and Pure Ghee – 3 teaspoons.
2) Once it is heated add Cashew Nuts and fry till golden brown.
3) After it becomes golden brown transfer it into a plate.
4) In the remaining Ghee add grated Bottle Gourd (squeeze the Bottle Gourd to remove water) and stare well and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
5) Add Green food colouring (either liquid or powder) and 100 ml of water then mix it well. Close the lid and keep in a medium flame till the Bottle Gourd is cooked.
6) After the Bottle Gourd is cooked and the water is evaporated add Sugar and stir well.
7) After the water in the sugar evaporates, add Khoa (Khoya) and mix it well for 2 to 3 minutes.
8) Add Rose Essence, mix it well and switch off the flame and add the remaining Pure Ghee then mix it well.
9) Add fried Cashew Nuts and mix well.
10) Transfer it into a bowl.
11) Garnish with sliced Almonds and Pistachio.
12) Bottle Gourd Sweet is ready to serve.

If you use sweet khoya reduce the quantity of Sugar to 350 grams.


Bottle Gourd (peeled & grated) – 2 Nos.
Sugar – 500 grams
Khoa (Khoya) – 250 grams
Pure Ghee – 7 teaspoons
Dalda – 7 teaspoons
Almonds (sliced) – 15 Nos.
Cashew Nuts (chopped) – 10 Nos.
Pistachio (chopped) – 10 Nos.
Green food colouring (liquid) – 2 

                              or (powder) – 1 pinch
Rose Essence – 1 teaspoon