We are an online school for learning cooking since January 2017. We teach cooking to people online only. Almost all our menus are of Indian origin. Now a days most of the people are busy with their daily routine and don’t find time to visit a school and online school is the best option for them. At online school people have the choice to learn at their own convenience, just sitting at home.

Message to our online viewers

Our Mission

To teach great tasting food in an easy & simple manner with love thus bringing the joy & happiness while learning

Who are we

First of all, we thank you for visiting our website and we wish all the best to our online viewers in learning cooking. We wholeheartedly welcome any comments from our valued viewers for improvement. We will try all our best to ensure that our viewers are able to learn cooking well.

What we do

We make videos on cooking (in English, Hindi and Tamil) and upload it on YouTube under our channel Annuchef. We take care that our videos are precise and clear for viewing. We post our recipes on our website and share the link of our videos uploaded on YouTube so that people will have easy access to our videos. 


To spread our cooking lessons to large amount of people around the world

We teach to prepare authentic Indian dishes. A learning experience you will not soon forget awaits you at 

Our Vision