You don’t have to depend on others
Your parents or any other person will be cooking for you only for a certain period. But in due course, you might have to live on your own and can’t depend on them. There isn’t always someone who wants to cook for you in this busy world. At some point of your life while you are living independently, cooking for yourself will become very necessary. If you learn to cook as early as possible, then you don’t have to depend on others to prepare your meals and can cope up during times when you are living alone. It will also give you a sense of independence, freedom and self-sufficiency.

Cooking is a great Fun

Cooking is creative, purposeful and a relaxing activity. Once you learn to cook a few things you’ll get addicted to learn more and more. This is because cooking is lot of fun! It is unfortunate that some people don’t realize this and consider cooking as a difficult thing. There is lack of motivation because there are many alternatives to cooking for yourself. But once you learn all the basics and techniques, there will be no stopping for you and cooking will become more fun. You’ll love to repeat cooking your dishes again and again. Besides, there are many cool gadgets that make cooking even more fun.

Your colleagues will love you
You can win the hearts of your colleagues with your delicious cooking skills. At the work place when it is lunch time all the staff will take a time out for eating and use to share dishes and when you present them with the tasty food which you cooked then they will have a great honour for you. You could probably even score yourself a promotion.

Why we should learn cooking


Taste & Preferences

The taste and preferences differ from individual to individual, the food which is cooked by one person may not be liked by another person. Therefore, if a person wants to eat the food of his taste and choice then he or she should start to learn the wonderful art of cooking.

Impression on opposite sex

Women who can cook are more appealing to men. And for women, there is nothing hotter than a guy who knows cooking. Who isn’t impressed with their partner who can cook well? Cooking is a skill that helps you to attract the opposite sex. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! No matter how beautiful or smart a girl is, guys always melt for a girl who can cook a tasty meal. It is the same other way too. There isn’t a woman who will not fall for a man who can cook deliciously.

Learn cooking with great taste at

Away from Home Town

When a person migrates from his /her home town to some other country and does not find a suitable cuisine which can give the taste of the home town, then it is high time to learn cooking with which one can prepare the food in the manner which is prepared at the home town.​​

How to learn cooking

There are many ways to learn cooking, like learning from mother, friend, cooking school, books or online. The best thing is to develop love for cooking and make it as a priority in your daily schedule. Learn one dish at a time and practice the same till you are comfortable in preparing it, while practising you can add your own style to suite your taste. Always serve your dishes to others just to know their opinion on your cooking. Accept complaints & suggestions as a tool for improvement. Don’t bother about failure, just go for it.

Get rewarded for cooking
Cooking sure has fruitful rewards. It is very satisfying to beautifully plate out delicious dishes from a handful of simple ingredients. It helps to ease stress and release your tensions. It is also an easy way to unwind in the midst of a hectic lifestyle. Chopping the vegetables, peeling, stirring a pot of soup or sauce, baking while you let your mind wander and drift away from worries – this is what cooking is about. All these give a great sense of satisfaction. It will be even more gratifying when your dishes are praised by the guests or people to whom you serve them.

What is cooking

Cooking is an art of preparing food for consumption with the use of various methods and ingredients. The art and techniques of cooking vary from people to people and country to country. There are various methods of cooking like grilling, baking, frying, roasting, cooking on open fire, etc., which are widely used by people with a goal of achieving a good and great taste to their cooking. In some cases, cooking can be done without the use of fire or any heating equipment like, salads, chats, etc. The ways or types of cooking also depend on the skill and type of training an individual cook possess. Cooking is done both by people in their own house and by professional cooks and chefs in restaurants and other food establishments. Now a days cooking has become a passion among people who are coming out with lots of new dishes.

Saves your money
The money spent on purchasing groceries is nothing compared to the amount spent on eating out or buying packaged meals. When you eat in a restaurant you should pay for the building, staff, service, tax and other costs involved with the restaurant along with paying for the food you eat. In the case of packaged and frozen foods, you are charged with not just the cost of the food but also the extra costs of packaging and shipping. These extra costs can be cut by learning cooking. Cooking is a great way to save money on food. With just a part of what you spend on eating out, you can make delicious food right at your home. The money you save by lowering your food expenses can be used on other things.

Helps in keeping good health
You will have complete control over what you like to eat at home, hence, cooking at home will help you to manage your weight. Learning to cook means to take control over your weight. You can stick to reasonable amounts of food like cooking with less oil, less spice, etc., so that you will not end up eating too much. You can improve your diet easily by cooking yourself healthy foods at home. It is a sure fact that calories consumed through homemade foods are obviously very low compared to the calories consumed through food you eat at restaurants or any other food out lets.

A Fundamental skill worth learning
We personally feel that cooking is a basic life skill that everyone should learn. This skill is an amazing combination of art and science. It will be most helpful in some point of your life. Cooking can turn out to be a very good hobby and you can explore different aspects of cooking if you take great liking to it. There is no question of this skill not being useful.